Eight Legged Hell Beasts

For some reason this fall, eight legged hell beasts (AKA spiders) have been showing up all over my house. Inside, outside, on the garbage can (I have to touch that!), everywhere. I know they’re good creatures and they kill bigger pests like mosquitos, so I don’t kill them on sight. If I see one in the house that’s out of the way it stays there. If it’s in the way I leave it and hope it doesn’t like that spot too much and will leave on its own.

Well that didn’t happen in my bathroom sink.

I’ve had a monster living in my bathroom sink for a few days and it seemed mighty comfortable living in my drain. This is quite inconvenient because I have stick my face down there! That darn no-kill policy being what it is, I had to figure out a way to get the  thing out of the house.

Easier said than done because did I mention I really despise spiders?

It’s all good though! I thought I’d employ the old ‘get it in a cup and put a piece of paper on top’ tactic. I mean it’s not like a spider can jump out of the cup right?


The spider JUMPED out of the cup! So naturally when faced with an animal the size of a dime coming out of the cup I shriek like a girl, drop everything I’m holding, and sprint out of the bathroom. Oh I hear you laughing but did you hear me it jumped!!

After standing there for a second and waiting for Adam to wake up (he didn’t thank goodness), I realized I should move faster because the spider might retreat down into the drain and then I’d be back at square one. So I did it like taking off a bandaid: quickly so I don’t chicken out. I flicked that hell beast into the cup, slapped a piece of paper on top and walked the longest walk of my life to the back porch to put it where it belongs. Victory!

So one more arachnid has joined the dozens of others in the backyard. All I know is it better earn its keep and eat every mosquito alive out there.

UPDATE: When I went to get ready for bed tonight, ANOTHER spider had taken residence in my sink. What is going on here?!? I haven’t figured out how to get rid of it yet, but maybe it’ll get tired of living there…


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