Small World

So fun story!

In December of 2006, Mike and I were getting ready to spend our first Christmas in England. The two of us went to the squadron Christmas party with the rest of my coworkers. It was a nice party. I enjoyed dressing up even though the dress I wore was SO not appropriate for British winters. We were the new kids in town so I didn’t expect to talk to many people other than those I worked with. What I really didn’t expect is to find what I found. 

While standing in the buffet line, I noticed a woman in front of me that looked crazy familiar. It was kind of jarring because I knew I had seen that face and I had no idea where! I wonder to this day if she saw me staring, because I’m sure I was being less than subtle about it. Even when we got back to our table I found her across the room and kept nudging Mike and saying “I know  I know her! WHERE do I know her from??”

After I ate and stared, and stared and ate, I decided to put on my big girl pants and walk over and see if I could place her. 

Our conversation in a nutshell: 

Me: Hi! I know that I know your face and I’m trying to figure out where I know you! Where are you from?

Her: Riverside, CA.

Me: Oh my gosh me too! Did you go to La Sierra High School? 

Her: Yes I did! 

Me: I’m Tricia Nafus (maiden name). What’s yours?

Her: Monica Midgett (also maiden name). 

Me: I knew your brother Jeff!

Her: I knew your sister Amy! 

Both: (minds blown). 

Two girls who grew up in Riverside had found each other thousands of miles away in England. She was a few years older than me and I had no idea she had even joined the Air Force, let alone was stationed here. We spent a few minutes talking and figuring out what the other’s jobs were (in the same. darn. building. CRAZY!!), then went on our way. 

A few days later she messaged me. We started talking and she and her husband Jason, and Mike and me became friends. 

To this day how we met is the craziest coincidence that’s ever happened to me. She got orders and moved away a while later, but we still keep in touch and come Hell or high water I will visit her and her family in Ohio! 

Love you Monica! So glad to have you and Jason in our lives. 


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