Happy Halloween!!

Exactly one year ago today I had my last bout with morning sickness. How do I remember this with such accuracy you ask? Because it happened while I was at lunch. With everyone I work with including my boss. One minute we’re sitting there waiting for food and the next I’m sprinting to the bathroom to hack some dry heaves because I’d broken rule number one with my morning sickness: never get hungry! 

I can’t believe that was an entire year ago. It’s gone by faster than any year I can remember I think. Adam is almost seven months old now, is trying his best to crawl after stuff (he just needs his arms to catch up), and has amazing vampire teeth that came in just in time for the holiday! 


It’s even cuter if you pretend he’s laughing a Dracula laugh. Ah-ah-ahhh!!

I know I should be really excited that this is baby’s first Halloween, but we weren’t going to dress Adam up this year because:

1: We’re not going anywhere

2: He’ll be asleep before any trick-or-treaters come to our house (I think. What time do trick-or-treaters go out?). 

3: He’s six months old and can’t go trick-or-treating and won’t remember if his evil holiday party-pooping parents didn’t dress him up for his first Halloween. 

Well not going anywhere got turned on its head when I got invited to go somewhere! To a pumpkin patch with a play group! My delight at going somewhere on Halloween turned to dread when I realized that I’d have to dress him as something and how am I going to find something cute on the actual day eek!?! 

Turns out I can and did find something at the last minute. Do you know why? Because Adam is hella cute, is still a tiny baby and anything that was left that also fit him was going to look awesome. 

And it totally did!


I ended up choosing this particular outfit because after the holiday is over it will double as pajamas (yeah saving money!!). 

The actual trip to the pumpkin patch wasn’t fabulous, but it wasn’t horrible either. Adam was awake the whole hour long trip leading up to getting there and closed his eyes, and I kid you not, when I pulled into the PARKING LOT!! So he was tired, crabby, and seeing something new for the first time. So naturally when I put him down next to a pumpkin he lost. His. Damn. Mind. 

He cried like scared cries, which of course made me feel like worst mommy ever. I don’t know if it was just being tired, or if he didn’t like the feeling of the grass, but either way he wasn’t happy. I was determined to get some good pictures though so I laid down on the ground and put him on my belly. See kid, you’re not touching the ground! Smile please! 



Notice the angry-kid splotches on his forehead. After he calmed down he was all good and distracted by the giant orange thing next to us. 


Hmmm I wonder if I can eat that??

After sleep-depriving the little bit at the pumpkin patch, he slept the whole way home, ate when got here, then went to sleep for two more hours! Oh yeah! 

So maybe he’ll be awake tonight to see some trick-or-treaters. Maybe not. Well see I guess, but I’m glad that I ended up getting him a costume after all. 




Everything’s A Game Show

Sometimes I’m hungry and need to do some chores, but Adam’s nap time isn’t for a while. In these cases I have to get creative. He needs to be kept busy so I can get stuff done. So now it’s time for another edition of:

“How Long Can I Entertain Adam So Mom Can Eat And Clean?!?”

Our first contestant is a paper bag from the grocery store! The bag starts out promising. It’s new and exciting and something fun to chew on! Unfortunately it’s too big and spends more time on the floor than entertaining the baby. Sorry contestant number 1!


Contestant number 2 is the trusty tablespoon from the dishwasher that I’m frantically emptying before Adam gets bored! Unfortunately Adam has a knack for turning spoons around and choking himself with the handle! Try again in a  couple of months tablespoon!


Here we have contestant number 3, the tiger from Adam’s play mat! Notice the blurry legs and crossed eyes that mean Adam is pleased with this contestant. We got a few good minutes out of this one before it hit the floor and/or ended up behind him.


Today’s contestants really want to entertain Adam! They all show up for one last push at keeping the small one busy!


Oh I’m so sorry contestants! You’ve been undermined by Adam’s new ability to turn around in the rocker and try to climb out of it! Thanks for playing, please get your parting gifts on the way out!Image

The boy can climb out of my trusty baby holder. After I took this picture he stood up, turned around and jumped so that the rocker scooted across the floor. It’s definitely time for the seat belt to be deployed. Go go gadget baby.

Eight Legged Hell Beasts

For some reason this fall, eight legged hell beasts (AKA spiders) have been showing up all over my house. Inside, outside, on the garbage can (I have to touch that!), everywhere. I know they’re good creatures and they kill bigger pests like mosquitos, so I don’t kill them on sight. If I see one in the house that’s out of the way it stays there. If it’s in the way I leave it and hope it doesn’t like that spot too much and will leave on its own.

Well that didn’t happen in my bathroom sink.

I’ve had a monster living in my bathroom sink for a few days and it seemed mighty comfortable living in my drain. This is quite inconvenient because I have stick my face down there! That darn no-kill policy being what it is, I had to figure out a way to get the  thing out of the house.

Easier said than done because did I mention I really despise spiders?

It’s all good though! I thought I’d employ the old ‘get it in a cup and put a piece of paper on top’ tactic. I mean it’s not like a spider can jump out of the cup right?


The spider JUMPED out of the cup! So naturally when faced with an animal the size of a dime coming out of the cup I shriek like a girl, drop everything I’m holding, and sprint out of the bathroom. Oh I hear you laughing but did you hear me it jumped!!

After standing there for a second and waiting for Adam to wake up (he didn’t thank goodness), I realized I should move faster because the spider might retreat down into the drain and then I’d be back at square one. So I did it like taking off a bandaid: quickly so I don’t chicken out. I flicked that hell beast into the cup, slapped a piece of paper on top and walked the longest walk of my life to the back porch to put it where it belongs. Victory!

So one more arachnid has joined the dozens of others in the backyard. All I know is it better earn its keep and eat every mosquito alive out there.

UPDATE: When I went to get ready for bed tonight, ANOTHER spider had taken residence in my sink. What is going on here?!? I haven’t figured out how to get rid of it yet, but maybe it’ll get tired of living there…

Small World

So fun story!

In December of 2006, Mike and I were getting ready to spend our first Christmas in England. The two of us went to the squadron Christmas party with the rest of my coworkers. It was a nice party. I enjoyed dressing up even though the dress I wore was SO not appropriate for British winters. We were the new kids in town so I didn’t expect to talk to many people other than those I worked with. What I really didn’t expect is to find what I found. 

While standing in the buffet line, I noticed a woman in front of me that looked crazy familiar. It was kind of jarring because I knew I had seen that face and I had no idea where! I wonder to this day if she saw me staring, because I’m sure I was being less than subtle about it. Even when we got back to our table I found her across the room and kept nudging Mike and saying “I know  I know her! WHERE do I know her from??”

After I ate and stared, and stared and ate, I decided to put on my big girl pants and walk over and see if I could place her. 

Our conversation in a nutshell: 

Me: Hi! I know that I know your face and I’m trying to figure out where I know you! Where are you from?

Her: Riverside, CA.

Me: Oh my gosh me too! Did you go to La Sierra High School? 

Her: Yes I did! 

Me: I’m Tricia Nafus (maiden name). What’s yours?

Her: Monica Midgett (also maiden name). 

Me: I knew your brother Jeff!

Her: I knew your sister Amy! 

Both: (minds blown). 

Two girls who grew up in Riverside had found each other thousands of miles away in England. She was a few years older than me and I had no idea she had even joined the Air Force, let alone was stationed here. We spent a few minutes talking and figuring out what the other’s jobs were (in the same. darn. building. CRAZY!!), then went on our way. 

A few days later she messaged me. We started talking and she and her husband Jason, and Mike and me became friends. 

To this day how we met is the craziest coincidence that’s ever happened to me. She got orders and moved away a while later, but we still keep in touch and come Hell or high water I will visit her and her family in Ohio! 

Love you Monica! So glad to have you and Jason in our lives.