Babywearing Addiction

When I was pregnant with Adam, I knew I wanted some kind of baby carrier. The brand I heard about the most was the Moby. It’s a stretchy wrap that holds baby close and is awesome. At my California baby shower we got an Ergo. I had never heard of it but when I got home I looked it up and it’s also a very popular carrier (good job sisters!!).

But it’s better for bigger babies so we went ahead and got the Moby until Adam was big enough to fit in it. And it was so wonderful!


I started carrying Adam in it when he was small, about two weeks old. I should have kept the kid in it 24/7 but it’s got a lot of layers and is very warm. Not too good for a hormonal mom and a hot headed baby in the humid NC summer. So it worked really well but it wasn’t ideal.

The Ergo, the Moby and the Baby Bjorn kid from The Hangover were all I knew of babywearing. I had NO CLUE what an incredible, hugely popular world it actually is.

I met a local babywearing guru through a friend at a breastfeeding event, and through her I was invited to join the local babywearing group. It was a little bit overwhelming at first. I found out that there are a ton of different types of carriers. Woven wraps, stretchy wraps, Mei Tais (I still don’t know how to pronounce that), Ring Slings, Ergos, etc, etc. That and more acronyms than the military. And the military has a LOT of acronyms!

But as I waded through the sea of information I realized that if I could figure out what kind of carrier was best for me, I could wear Adam as he got bigger and bigger, and I could carry him on my back! Imagine the freedom! I could do the dishes when his teething pains made him clingy! I could walk through the store or go hiking and he’s totally content! Since we had a stretchy wrap, and a soft-structured carrier, I decided to round out the collection with a woven wrap.

Woven wraps are a big piece of fabric like the Moby, but they are handwoven, which makes them much stronger for bigger babies. Adam is getting heavier and it makes the Moby sag, so I need more support.

This is when the addiction started. Woven wraps are gorgeous! They come in different fiber content, different colors and patterns, and different sizes. Each one works for some moms while not working for other moms and oh my goodness there was so much to choose from!

But after much help from babywearing mamas and websites that sell carriers, I finally chose the woven for me. YAY!!

Here’s what it looks like on me:


I got another green one because it’s gender neutral. The woven’s aren’t cheap so I want to make sure that it fits our future baby number two no matter the gender. It’s so wonderful to hold Adam and have him be truly weightless on me. So to all moms and dads with babies, I highly recommend you wear your kid! I prefer the woven, but Mike likes to use the Ergo. And looks hot doing it, frankly.


We’ve got three different kinds of carriers now, but really whatever works and keeps baby in an ergonomic position is amazing! As an extra bonus, this happens more often than not while we’re wearing Adam:


So worth it.


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