Three Topics For The Price of One!

Well it’s been a pretty crazy week, so what would have been three separate posts is now coming to you in one super-sized post extravaganza (the crowd goes wild!!).

First, I went and decided to turn 30 last week. It was a great birthday though! I hung out with sweet baby Adam and my hubby bought me a juicer so I could keep making some delicious lemonade without using a fork to get all the juice out. To celebrate I made lemonade, natch. I also got to Facetime chat with my big sister, who’s birthday I stole the day I was born. She gracefully decided to share with me because, and I quote: “It’s been 30 years that I have had to share MY birthday… 🙂 I guess after 30 years it can be OUR birthday!!” Thanks sister! You’re an awesome birthday partner. And seriously, look at this slammin’ pair making the 12th look goooood!


Other than celebrating the big 3-0 last week, I was also stressing out over the FIRST OVERNIGHT TRIP WITH ADAM! Eeeeek! This is what packing looked like before Adam:

My bag

Mike’s bag.

DONE. Let’s hit the road!

And after Adam we had the previously mentioned bags plus:

Adam’s bag

Diaper bag

Play mat

Pack and play


Various toys/chew things

Jump Jump

Breast pump/frozen milk


Reflux medicine


Ergo carrier and woven wrap

Okay let’s hit the…nevermind I need a nap.

So after we got our entire house packed in the car (minus the stroller, it didn’t fit), we headed over the hills and through the woods to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. It went remarkably well. Better than we could have imagined. Since Adam is not a car-loving kid we decided to leave at his bedtime. We put him in his pj’s, made sure he was fed, and then hit the road. And lo and behold, he slept the whole way! Talk about a weight lifted off my mind. I was having nightmares about having a screaming child in my backseat for over an hour… well let’s not get ahead of ourselves because we’re going to Ohio soon and I just want to have happy thoughts until then.

It was so awesome to be able to get out of the house and do normal things! Mike’s Aunt, Uncle and cousin came over to have lunch for my birthday and snuggle with the wee one. Let’s be honest, they were probably there for Adam more than me. I can’t compete with those dimples, so I don’t even try.

I don’t have any pictures of the actual get together because I was too busy shoving dairy-free red velvet cake down my gullet (Thanks Darla!!). But I do have one of Adam trying to eat his Grandpa, so enjoy:


I think Rick might be made out of chocolate or something because the boy tries to devour him at every opportunity.

We all had a great weekend and the drive home also went really well. He didn’t sleep well last night (up every two hours), but that might just be a growth spurt and not related to the traveling.

In other news, my incredibly sleep deprived self got a big treat this morning!


That’s right, that’s my sweet boy sitting up! On his own!! For like 60 whole seconds!!! Sorry the picture isn’t great, I didn’t have time to set up good lighting because I was thinking “please don’t fall yet please don’t fall I have to get a picture oh my gosh where’s the camera don’t fall baby!!”. After I got this shot he did, in fact, nosedive into the bed. But it was a cushy landing and he thought it was hilarious! So that wraps up our busy week in the Williamson house. I think I’m going to go take a nap. Or have lunch. I’m not sure which one ranks higher on my priority list today.

I wonder if that last piece of red velvet cake fits into enough food groups…


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