So my almost five month old little man has his first tooth! I’d post a picture of it but he is not a fan of his mom sticking her fingers in his mouth while at the same time trying to keep his head still and hold a camera with the flash on. So what are you gonna do…

But I felt it and it’s there I promise!

Honestly I was very surprised at the whole process. All weekend long he was fussy and seemed to want to be held a lot. He didn’t really want to eat and I ended up doing a lot of pumping and giving him a bottle. Then all of a sudden I looked into his mouth and there was a spot on the bottom of his mouth. Then the spot got bigger. I’d like to transcribe a conversation between Mike and I on this occasion:

Me: Hey I think there’s a tooth coming in!

Mike: Whaaat? No way.

Me: No really the mark is getting bigger I bet he’s going to cut a tooth!

Mike: No way. Agree to disagree.

Me: *smacks her head*

And so on. He was in denial but, as is usually the case, I was right. Hehehehe.

So Monday afternoon Adam, who is not the most reliable sleeper, took a 3 hour nap. Just fell asleep and kept on sleeping. That must have been what he needed because that evening I was checking on the spot, which at last check had turned white, had a rough edge. Like a toothy edge! Just like that it’s there and he’s got a tooth now. Crazy!

Over the last couple of days it’s continued to push up and out. I still can’t get a good shot but as soon as I get a big toothy grin you can bet the camera will be out!

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