Finding Your (Very Loud) Voice

File this under milestones I had no idea existed: the scream. Like ear piercing, blood curdling happy screams coming from your little cherub’s face.

Adam has always been a talker. He’s more interested in babbling and laughing than he is in rolling over. But it was cute coos and happy squeals every once in a while. Right about the time his tooth was coming in he also figured out that he can control those noises coming out of him.

And so he’s been using his voice. A LOT.

Most of the time the screaming comes when he’s happy. While video chatting with my sister the other day he was carrying on in the background and she thought he was mad. A quick flip of the phone and no. He’s smiling from ear to ear!

Of course after this continued for a while I went to Dr. Google and found five hundred million* different forums of frantic women talking about their five month old babies who scream uncontrollably all the time oh my gosh Help!

Turns out it’s just a phase that a lot of babies go through. Thanks Dr. Google!

*five hundred million is an approximation. There were actually 24,900,000 results.


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