Cloth Versus Disposables

I LOVE my cloth diapers. We went all in and bought some of the fancier Bumgenius all-in-one style so that we should never have to buy diapers again. The style we bought go on just like a normal diaper so they’re super easy to deal with when we go out in public. Just snap and go. They’ll also grow with Adam and they are crazy cute! Check out some of these designs:

The Irwin. I’m assuming it’s named after Steve Irwin because of the animal print.


The Albert. This one is self-explanitory. 


Other than prints, some of the colors are just too cute!


I know this is a lot of excitement over something that catches my kid’s waste. I can’t explain how this happened to me, or why I’m more excited to buy stuff for him than for me.

Anyway. The only thing I’m afraid of with cloth is diapering at night. We still use disposables because Adam wakes up to eat a lot and I’m afraid of leaking. The biggest flaw in the disposable diaper’s design became very clear to me this morning- the back. When he wakes up in the morning I change, then feed. Change, then feed! It’s so simple and goes so wrong when I don’t do it in that order. I didn’t get it off this morning in time for his, well, you know, business. It was poo-splosion poopapalooza! Out of the back, the side, the legs, everywhere! Yeah. Ew. 

Since we’ve diapered with the Bumgenius I have never once had this problem. I think this is the reason why:


Elastic on the back to keep it in place!! Containment is key! Why doesn’t every single brand of disposable diaper do this? They know babies don’t have normal bowels and they know this is one of the biggest problems, so why don’t they fix it? I guess we’ll never know…

I’m getting braver and working on combinations of inserts so that I can just cloth diaper 24/7. Until then I’m definitely going to have to change him before I feed him in the morning to avoid the unholy mess I dealt with today. This face makes up for it though. 



Even if I do have to hose him off occasionally. 



So Much To Talk About!

So it’s been 4 1/2 months since my little Peanut was born. He was all squishy and loud and wonderful and terrifying at the same time! In those weeks there have been so many little milestones met and cool pictures taken that I have to write it all down somewhere. (Enter my wonderful man Mike with tons-o-options for blogging).

I suppose the best place to start when you’re talking about something is the beginning, so here:


The little snootchie! (Aside: why does having a baby bring out weird words?) In 21 short weeks he’s blossomed into this:


I can’t believe it when I look at him now. He’s like a person! With a personality and abilities that have developed and whatnot! And kudos to us for keeping him alive this long!

What what!!

It hasn’t been an easy road but I feel like a routine is developing and we’re getting the hang of this parenting thing (cue destruction for uttering these words).

So from now on I’ll post about milestones, cloth diapers, adventures in breastfeeding, baby wearing, and anything else that comes to mind. I can’t wait to get all of this craziness down so I can have it for prosperity (or blackmail, I’m open to blackmail).